The Bands: Season 5

Published on May 28th, 2015


Season 5: Summer Campaign
Deloitte League Of Rock 2015

The Spicy Mustard Experience

Lea Zhu, Band Manager
Benjamin Thomas, Drums
David Tang, Bass
Jithin Abraham, Guitar, Backing Vocal
Zohair Masood, Guitar
Salima Ladhani, Lead Vocals
Anu Venkataraman, Backing/Lead Vocal
Priyanka Bhattacharjee, Backing Vocal

Anonymous Llama

Nihar Dalmia, Band Manager
Michael Tolstikov, Drums
Barry Sherman, Bass
Justin Salsberg, Guitar
Tracey Irwin, Lead Vocal
Andie Chalmers-Ozimec, Backing/Lead

Legends of the Phoenix

Monika Nadj, Band Manager
Toivo Pajo, Drums
Chris Saniga, Bass
Bert Floren, Guitar, Backing Vocal
Niraj Dalmia, Guitar
Jay Chen, Keyboard
Elisse Basque, Lead Vocal
Arwin Dhingra, Rap Vocal

Neo Soul

Kevin Hawkins, Band Manager
Tamer Elleisi, Drums
Tim Hopkins, Bass
Marc Smith, Guitar
Doug Ward, Guitar, Backing Vocal
Jason Tang, Keyboard
Jessica Chaikowsky, Lead Vocal

Black Velvet Curtain

Diane Bastarache, Band Manager
Debbie August-Moffatt, Drums
Gary Folka, Bass
Jackson Hounsell, Guitar
David Hunter, Guitar
Matt Denis, Keyboard, Backing Vocal
Matt Parthun, Lead Vocal
Bryony Suvanto, Backing Vocal
Kathryn Cosgrove, Backing Vocal



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