Anonymous Llama

Published on May th, 2015


Llama in car_b+w

Nihar Dalmia, Band Manager
Michael Tolstikov, Drums
Barry Sherman, Bass
Justin Salsberg, Guitar
Tracey Irwin, Lead Vocal
Andie Chalmers-Ozimec, Backing/Lead


LeagueOfRock-FINAL-WEB_4_AnonLlama AnonyLlam July 2015


anonymous llama”… nameless drama queens? Mysterious Latin American hacktivists? Maybe a bit of both.


anonymous llama brings together a diverse group of musicians with a passion for music and a touch of dramatic flair. The band members hail from three continents, and include Justin “J-money” Salsberg on lead guitar, Constantin “Costa” Necrasov on solo guitar, Barry “The Beast” Sherman on bass, Michael “Mihhhail” Tolstikov on drums, Greg “not related to the phone company” Rogers, “and vocalists Andie “Drama Mama” Chalmers-Ozimec and “TrAC/DC” Irwin. And let’s not forget the fearless band manager who does what he can to minimize the llama drama and keep everyone out of trouble – Nihar “Llama-cop” Dalmia.


anonymous llama has been working hard to perfect its eclectic mix of classic rock tunes, which spans the decades from the late ‘60s onward. Come check this band out and get ready to rock…. let’s gooooooooooooo!