Neo Soul

Published on May th, 2015

Kevin Hawkins, Band Manager
Tamer Elleisi, Drums
Tim Hopkins, Bass
Marc Smith, Guitar
Doug Ward, Guitar, Backing Vocal
Jason Tang, Keyboard
Jessica Chaikowsky, Lead Vocal





  • Kevin Hawkins, Band Manager


  • Tamer Elleisi, Drums


  • Tim Hopkins, Bass
    My kids inspire me to be a musician. When I’m up on stage, I’m playing for them. I owe Jaco Pastorius, Paul Chambers, Jack Bruce for their influences on my musical style. Fun Fact: I’m originally from New Zealand, not to be confused with Australia (Kiwis for the win!).


  • Marc Smith, Guitar
    Playing music is a part of my life. From the time I was a young child I always played music, whether it be piano, guitar, or just singing.  My mom and dad, along with my entire family, help nurture that in me. Being a part of the Deloitte League of Rock is a terrific way to tap into this passion give back to the community through United Way charities. With rock music I always preferred  bands with great guitar edge. Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan are my guitar heroes in this category. So were Jimmy Page, Alex Lifeston, and Pete Townshead. Playing blues and funk with such an amazing band in Neo Soul lets me groove in the roots of rock and try to channel these influences to bring that guitar edge to our band.


  • Doug Ward, Guitar, Backing Vocal
    My desire to create and my urge to perform has lead me back to Deloitte League of Rock every year. Blues, grunge, hard rock has had a strong influence on my musical style. I’m an aging rocker with a love for writing, playing and recording all kinds of music, but especially rock.


  • Jason Tang, Keyboard
    I love making people happy with the music I perform or create. I used to participate in piano competitions back in the day and actually had a decent track record, but I always felt it was accomplishing the opposite of what music was really meant to do, so I stopped doing it altogether. Never looked back since. Music is to share, not to compete with! My musical influences are kind of all over the place. I have to give credit to my classical roots (Beethoven, Rachmaninoff) but also have bits of 90’s hip-hop (Nas, Cannibal Ox) and “sound designers” (Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, Moderat). All I *really* want in my future home is a grand piano and a proper studio. With LOTS of gear. And a grill.


  • Jessica Chaikowsky, Lead Vocal
    Since I started from age of five, it was my parents who inspired me to be a musician at first (i.e., forced, like many, to take lessons and sit and practice when others were having much more fun). I then grew to understand that it’s an alternate mode of expression and worth the work. My musical influences has since come from the classic Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald to crooners like Frank Sinatra to more recent inspirations, Serena Ryder, Adele and KT Tunstall. From classical piano, to jazz crooning now to rocking out with League of Rock, excited about the chance to bust out into a new genre and challenge my vocal cords. The fact that I’m playing with some super talented musicians makes it an incredible experience.
    “Music happens to be an art form that transcends language” ~ Herbie Hancock (This is my excuse for my inability to remember lyrics!!!)