Black Velvet Curtain

Published on May th, 2015

Diane Bastarache, Band Manager
Debbie August-Moffatt, Drums
Gary Folka, Bass
Jackson Hounsell, Guitar
David Hunter, Guitar
Matt Denis, Keyboard, Backing Vocal
Matt Parthun, Lead Vocal
Bryony Suvanto, Backing Vocal
Kathryn Cosgrove, Backing Vocal




Black Velvet Curtain brings seven individuals together to showcase their talent as a band, each contributing differently. With David Hunter, Gary Folka and Jackson Hounsell on guitar, Matthew Parthun as lead vocal, with Kathryn Cosgrove, Bryony Suvanto, and Matt Denis to back him up,there’s a nice combination of musical talents. With the addition of Debbie Augustt-Moffatt pounding the drums, we also have Matt Denis once again slamming the keyboard.

This band will have you rocking with a mix of songs from U2, Rolling Stones, and Lenny Kravitz, to name a few.






Week 5

Black Velvet Curtain made it through the first showcase at the Cadillac Lounge on July 16.  Everyone had a great time and didn’t seem to be too nervous performing “live”.  They know that they’re up against some stiff competition from the other bands, but they’re up for the challenge!  They received some really good feedback from the coach, Michael White, at the end of the session and will be working on implementing his suggestions in the coming weeks so they’re ready for the next workshop on August 20 at the Seven 44 Lounge.


Week 6

The band was back last night rocking it up at the Rehearsal Factory with their song choices despite the studio feeling like a furnace! They were working hard as demonstrated by the sweat dripping off of them at the end of the night.